Announcing our new centre @ Puchong Prima


Eventho its a bit late.. we want to announce that we've launched a new centre at Puchong Prima in January 2012.

Still believe in Little Caliphs Program, the new centre also use the same program as Restu Ibu Bandar Kinrara.

The centre is located at No.1, Jalan Prima 4/2, Puchong Prima, 47100 Puchong, Selangor DE.
Here, we share with u some of the pics from this centre.

1st week activity


Back to school- Welcome 2012...


Alhamdullilah, our 1st day of school start on 9 January 2012 (a few days later than others). Sorry for the late update our blog with our interesting stories this year.

Very busy works involving the kids and school. Teachers need to prepare lesson plan, worksheet, poster, class deco and so on.. with the new environment, classes, students, teachers also take time to adapt.

We very grateful, His blessing for us, we've increasing the number of students this year. thanks to our parents who believe us at Restu Ibu. on the trust has been given, we promise to do our best to educate the children.

On the 1st week of school, we've planned interesting activity to them. parents, here the moment that we capture during the orientation week. lets enjoy the pics. ^_^

waiting for assembly~

play games

4 years activity

Getting to know games- Musical Chairs

Our old student~Welcome back!!

Line up!!!

Cute, ha? A big thanks also go to the teachers who work hard for the success of the program.

Love u all.....

Our 1st Ihtifal & Year End Concert


Alhamdullilah, our Grand Ihtifal & Year End Concert going smoothly. Great to see the childrens performance. They perform so well. Fully of enthusiastics and they practice just for a month. MasyaAllah ~

This event we colaborate with our friends from Little Caliphs Puncak Jalil. We arrive @ Serdang Agriculture Institute hall about 10.20am. All the students take the bus that we provided from our school in Bandar Kinrara.

Parents arrived around 10.30pm for registration. They looks very excited to see their children on stage. The event start about 2.30pm with opening- doa recitation by little caliphs Bandar Kinrara and Puncak Jalil.

Here the picture of our Ihtifal.. :)

Dikir Barat from 6 y/o

Thank you Allah~

4 years performance

Graduate faces..

Convo time~

5 years - Top Of the World

~Tadika Restu Ibu team~

We would like to thank all who involved for helping to ensure the success of this event - parents, teachers, emcee, pa system man, caterers, technician and especially Tadika Puncak Jalil team.

Thank you all...~

2011 almost to the end~


We now reach the end of 2011. Time passed so fast. Tadika Restu Ibu (TRI) has been a year.
The moments with the childrens will be our sweet memories ever for us at TRI.

13 Nov 2011 there will be held our 1st Grand Ihtifal to celebrate our beloved childrens. May Allah make all going smoothly. School will start on holiday on 19 Nov 2011.

Then, on 10 Dec 2011 we will hold a Parents Briefing for 2012 school session. we will start the new school session 2012 on 10 January 2012 with new students, parents, new environment and hopefully with the old teachers. ;-)

We at TRI will work hard to imparting knowledge and archive Little Caliphs goals for our lovely children. InsyaAllah, will see you'll nextyear with more activities, stories and knowledge.

Lastly, thank to all who have work together to ensure the success of our school this year, especially parents and teachers.

Sharing is caring..~

Open Day Invitation!!~


You're invited to our Open Day and be the first to enjoy discounted registration rate for 2012 school session.

Venue : Tadika Restu Ibu

Add : No.2 Jalan BK 5/11 Bandar Kinrara

Date : 29 Oct 2011

Time : 9am - 1pm

Seats are limited and on first come first basis. We practice small number of students with a ratio 1 teacher, 13 students (1:13)

The itinerary of the events as below :

9.30 - Preview about Little Caliphs Program
10.30 - Q&A session
11.00 - Refreshment

Feel free to call us for directions. See you soon~

Aidilfirtri Celebration


This year we celebrate Aidilfitri & Merdeka day together. All of us wearing a new baju raya. everybody was excited and happy.

kueh raya time

sweet smile from us..~

We received many kueh raya from parents. thanks a lot to them. (',')

LC Annual SportsDay 2011~


Alhamdullilah, TRI successfully perform our first sports day on June 2011. The sports day was jointly with 4 other Little Caliphs kindergarten ; LC Puncak Jalil, LC Putra Heights, LC Usj 2 & LC Usj 14.

Thinking of uncertain weather, we decided to do indoor sportsday. The event was held at 3K Complex in Subang.

Get ready for the game..


Boys turn

The event finished at 12.30pm. All of them got a token from their LC. We had fun and enjoy organizing this event.

Our biggest gratitude to all the parents, teachers and volunteers who help us making this events succesful. May Allah repay your kindness and grants you with the highest rewards.